Site updates

14 May 2014 - Location comments

Users can not click a location name and post comments related to that location, for example: United States or Romania > Timis > Timisoara

8 Mar 2014 - Login with Facebook

Users can now click a button to login with Facebook without filling the login or register form. This facebook button will appear next to the login form.

5 Mar 2014 - Finished url change

We completed most url simplification for most urls, for example /register.html became /register /settings.html /settings and so on.

4 Mar 2014 - Larger users world map

The users world map is now displayed at full size in the browser window, allowing a better view.

20 Iun 2013 - Users can import Facebook photos

Users can now use this function to import photos from Facebook to their UserAlbum profile.